With Kulturpunkten and Stora Teatern as clients, we at the web agency Weightpoint have developed a new website that will help the independent cultural life in Gothenburg to effectively communicate their events and sell tickets to them. The challenge was to find a solution and form that all organisers and events can be gathered under.

Kulturpunkten is a unifying platform for Gothenburg’s independent cultural life, with a ticket office at Stora Teatern. At present, tickets are sold for around 30 organisers and more are being added all the time.

The mission was to create a website to sell tickets to Gothenburg’s independent cultural life. Great focus was placed on functionality in all devices. User-friendliness was important, both for administrators and end users. It should inspire and highlight the free cultural life in Gothenburg that takes place around various scenes in the city. Everything from performances, concerts, stage talks to school plays and contemporary circus would be communicated. From places with large audiences to small intimate stages where audience and performer sit eye to eye.

How do we deal with the varied and diverse material from the different organisers? Is it possible to create a page that emphasises the diversity while creating a strong overall impression? How should the format work where there is a lot of information and solid visual material versus where there is only sparse material?

To reinforce the material from the various organisers, we created a hard-lined page, framed and tight but with a human feel. The event pages can be expanded where there is a lot of text and images, but also look good when there is little information. The website is designed so that the experience is equally good on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

On the website you can:
• Search for events, actors, artists or organisers
• Quickly see what’s happening today or at the weekend
• Get tips on new events based on your interest
• See what your favourite organiser is up to

Kulturpunkten.nu has just been launched and now we are eagerly waiting to see how it will be received.

Want to know more about the mission?
Contact Andreas Jorneus:
0708-21 76 96