INDEA – consultants in business development – held an inspirational talk for 100 IT managers from all over Sweden at the Atea Boot Camp in Tylösand.

The web agency Weightpoint was commissioned to develop an app that would include a presentation and a leadership test. The test allowed users to compare their own leadership index and see how they stacked up against industry leader Atea.

How to ensure that as many people as possible complete the test on their smartphone?

We created a web app that works on all platforms and is fully responsive. Saving a shortcut to the home screen on a mobile phone adds an icon and allows the user to easily find their way back to the app without having to type in an address.

By keeping it simple, quick and minimising the number of button presses, we hoped to get as many people as possible to complete the test. Instead of having to fill in numbers, we created a slider where you could easily answer the questions by moving a cursor.

We are now doing follow-up measurements to see how many people complete the test on their smartphone and then contact INDEA to find out more about how INDEA can help lift their leaders.

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